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Beta Requests

Beta Requests
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Welcome to the Beta Requests community. This is intended as a place to ask for feedback, in the case one doesn't already have someone to go to, before going fully public with fanfiction at fandom comms. Hopefully many find this useful.

01. One post per day per person. This is to limit spam. More than one piece of work may go into one post, however.
02. Be courteous. Constructive criticism is to be expected, but flaming will not be tolerated.
03. If you've got a problem with another member's conduct at the community, please take it to the mod. That's what I'm here for.
04. All entries are to be locked, even simple request posts.
05. All works to be beta'd should be placed under a cut, with a warning if it's not work safe.
06. In the case of linking out, the policy is "comment to be added," not "add me and I'll add you back."

All posts should contain the following information...
♠ fandom
♠ pairing (if applicable)
♠ rating
♠ warnings for touchy subjects (rape, incest, etc)

Mai (hoyah)
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e-mail: kry.eowook@gmail.com